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      • G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting Manufacturers, G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting Factory, Supply G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting
      G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting

      G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting
      Ningbo Zhiye Mechanical Components CO., Ltd. is an ISO9001 and IATF16949 certified manufacturer located in Ningbo city. Ningbo Zhiye is specialized in silica sol investment casting parts, which is one of the professional fountry of Zhejiang HuaShen group. HuaShen group is a professional precision casting enterprise group with Ningbo Tongda precision casting co., LTD. (1993), Ningbo Fenghua Tongda Innovative Alloy Technology Co.,Ltd. (2005), and Ningbo Zhiye Mechanical Components Co., Ltd. (2011). HuaShen group is one of the Chinese largest precision casting enterprise with ananual casting output 30000 tons and independent machining ability.
      G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting

      G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting

      Product Details

      Product name: G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting

      Casting process: lost mold precision casting

      Mold: general aluminum mold and steel mold

      Mold material: STMMA copolymer resin

      Mold shell: refractory coating

      Process characteristics: replace the traditional sand mold casting, no need to lower the core to reduce the core work, the use of mold

      Molding, dry sand vibration modeling, good dimensional stability

      Casting tolerance range: CT8 TO CT9

      Product weight range: 0.2kgs TO 200KGS

      Rough surface finish: RA12.5

      Casting material types: nodular cast iron, gray iron, alloy steel

      G.E.T. Parts Lost Foam Casting

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